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About Dol Hydroseeding


Dol Hydroseeding is a company built on integrity, leadership, and great respect for our clients. At Dol Hydroseeding we try to surpass our customers expectations and deliver the service with the utmost efficiency. 

Located in Beeton, Ontario, Dol Hydroseeding has been servicing South Central Ontario  for over 25 years. We offer superior workmanship, reliability and excellent customer satisfaction. 

Contact Dol Hydrodseeding today for a quote. 

Why Hydroseed?

Hydroseeding is a one step process & can be the fastest way of creating that lush green lawn you've always wanted. The process involves spraying on a mixture of water, high quality grass seed, fertlizer and mulch which protects the seed and keeps it moist during the germination process. Typically faster than other seeding methods, in just a few weeks you'll be enjoying that beautiful new lawn. As an alternative, Terraseeding is also an option. Please visit our Services       for further information on this option. 

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.
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